Your Naked Already

Love is always present. We are simply discovering all the ways in which we try to hide it away and protect ourselves.  But our protection is really the hurts, wounds, and pain inside we refuse to look at.  As we see them and realize that life is happening and it doesn’t wait for anything; we can start to forgive. Love is forgiveness in action.  Forgiveness and love are one in the same.  Forgive everything and everyone, “they know not what they do” and you are in the same boat, you didn’t know either, it’s okay, now you know. Rather than continuing to punish, or condemn the person, forgive.  I have been in situations where people have manipulated, lied about me, but what I know is that none of it is true.  Forgive them and move on.  Nothing to prove, convince them of, or make them wrong. Just forgive and trust that they “know not what they have done.” That is between them and heaven. Not you and them.  As you practice this practice, the covers will begin to come off the bed and you will realize that you don’t need the covers to protect you anymore, that it is okay to be naked in love. Truly open. Nothing can be more powerful than listening, loving, and forgiving. Love is infinite, your journey in the body clothing is short.

Simply follow the wonderful advice Jesus gave to his disciples. When they asked him, if people don’t accept us what do we do, “Simply brush the dirt off and move on.”  Simple right.  Not everyone will accept you as you are. That is not personal, not about you. Maybe down the road you meet in a place of love, but now you meet in a different place. Love is love.  Love is always present, there is nothing else.  Our limited seeing can not see it, that is why quieting the mind is vital.  To see correctly. Forgiveness allows you to see correctly.  To start over, have a clean slate.

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