The Naked Mystic: Butterflies Are Free

I drove out about 45 minutes from Los Angeles to experience a new hiking trail. I have always loved being in nature and connecting to it. Nature is my church. It is so sacred, vast, open, and holy. To be in the presence of tree’s, plants, animals, insects, flowers, and streams really inspires me and awakens my heart.

So I traveled down the trail to see some swimming holes that were around.  Walking the trail I was reminded of the deep inner wisdom of nature, I was reminded of my own inner wisdom, my own creative expression, and the depths of life itself unfolding now.  In this sense of connection, it occurred to me that walking in  the presence of nature was very healing.  It was healing in nature because nature IS.  The more I AM, the more others can be their I AM, and healing occurs.

It was in that moment that I gave up trying to change, fix, and resist anything.  The powerful realization that by being, is healing, by surrendering all that stuff which gets in the way of who I am really, by doing the work, even when sometimes it is quite difficult, forgiving myself and others for trespassing against myself. I feel how it actually heals the whole.

On my way back, I guess I had taken a dead end. Rather than panic out in nature, I closed my eyes and said a short prayer to guide me in the right direction. A butterfly appeared, orange and black. It flew in front of me, and I followed it. Within a few minutes it led me to my path again to drive home.  Then it flew away. Miracles are you and you are everywhere!  Life is a discovery, moment by moment.


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