The Naked Mystic: Getting Naked

I am sure you are sitting in front of your computer screen, scanning the world wide web, when you see, “The Naked Mystic: Getting Naked”.  So you look at it again, and then leave and read your emails, but you keep thinking “getting naked”, well it’s midnight, that sounds fun, I will read it.  Yet naked here, means naked spiritually.  Can you stand in what is, without any pre-conditions? Without any judgements?
 Without any story of should, or shouldn’t, or what if, or why not?  Can you stand naked, completely honest and open right now and accept it as it is?  Can you disregard desire, cravings, and addictions for things out there and rest in being alone “naked” in a world that wants you to be comfortable?  In a world that needs and expects you to be comfortable?

When you are naked, there is nothing to hide. It is pure, simple, and this is it.  Right here.  There is nothing comfortable about it at first.  You can’t cover yourself up, or use a story to mask what is, or look back, all you can do is be there, naked.  And as you stand there, naked, you begin to realize all the ways you have masked not being naked in your life. The ways in which you run and hide, escape, cover up, manipulate, maybe lie, or seek pleasure or pain.  This is the spiritual path. To become comfortable will every aspect of you. No excuses, no delusions, no lies, just this is it, right now, it feels uncomfortable, you don’t know this place very well, and yet you feel relieved. The sense of relief is a “Thank Goodness I don’t have to make anything up anymore”. The relief is the light.  Here I am now. Here I am…now,  alert, alive, and present, not knowing anything, or acting like I know everything, just this.  So my final question to you, when I ask it, please don’t jump to conclusions, I will give you all weekend to contemplate it, to go inside your temple and contemplate it, “Why am I so frightened to be alone?”  Let’s all get naked now.


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