The Naked Mystic: Give Up Your Clothes

Let us look at the EGO (Electing God Out) as different clothes we try on.  And we will look at the heart as being undiscovered, naked.  The EGO which uses itself to keep us safe or simply to protect us from them out there has lost its meaning.  The ego has worked for hard for many centuries to do this job.  It’s original job before we fell, was to work with the Soul to teach us and guide us.  We entering a shift now on our planet, whether you believe it or not, whether you care about it or not, it is happening.  Things are shifting.  We are leaving what we have been told we are, to returning back to Love.  This little dialogue may help you discover why you may be scared.

The Master final said to the student, “I want to know your heart”.
The Student replied, “But that is a scary place Master.”
The Master smiled, “We all must leave what we have known, to discover we did not know anything. You are not scared of the heart, you are scared to leave all you have known behind.”

This simple story illustrates what Jesus, Buddha, taught us on their journey. Jesus suggested that we leave ourselves behind and pick up our cross.  To me this means that we have to drop our ego’s, small minded lives, and live now. Live naked in our hearts. That process is a process. It is moment to moment.  Be gentle with yourself.  Be kind..



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