The Naked Mystic: Take this prescription it works every time?

So when people wake up in the morning, they start telling themselves a story about their day, they tell others the story, in turn others tell us stories about their day and also tell others our stories. We turn on the TV, read papers, listen to radio, watch theater, film, go to family gatherings, see our partners, and everyone is telling and sharing their stories. We are in endless stories.  Most stories are completely made up, some have half truths, others are true, and yet most of time they are simply stories.  Everyone wants to be the hero, the savior, the great actor, leader, and nobody wants to just be.

We love good stories, drama, chaos, gossip, and we encourage them in our society.  Coaches tell their team, “Everyone is against us,” well actually not everyone and I don’t really feel the other team is really against you either.  People do it when they divorce, separate, break up, they sell a story about the other person and most people buy it, why because we love stories. We are almost addicted to being right and making others wrong.  I see it in the spiritual circle too.  This speaker, author, has something better then this one, etc…and this one does this and this one does that…and you are more connected than he/she, funny.

Our politicians are lost in their stories so much that we are divided by them.  We seem to be lost in our minds of negativity, lack (Lack als0 includes- greed, separation, violence, harm to ourselves and others, manipulations, deceptions, evil acts), and stories of this group getting a benefit over this group.  We are addicted to making others wrong, not just wrong, but really to the point that we rub their face in it.  We can’t let go, we don’t want to let go, we don’t want to really change, and yet it is a wonderful story.

So what is the remedy, the magic pill, if we don’t want to question our own stories, or others.  That is why you are reading this right- quick fix, end the heart ache, pain, struggle, and yet not even do any work, because you love your stories about others and yourself so much, who would you be without them.  Well you probably would be with out pain, suffering, and unhappiness without the story, but we don’t want to be happy, we want to be right, right?

So here is the remedy, STOP TELLING THE STORIES ABOUT OTHERS AND YOURSELF- and laugh more. Be aware of the nonsense, and laugh. LAugh till cry, cry till you laugh.  Life is to short, so get out of everyone’s business and keep your head in yours, everyone will be fine without you getting involved and adding to the nonsense.  If someone wants to include you in their drama, chaos, gossip, fight, harming others, etc…simple just say, “I bless you both, and will pray for the high good for you both as well.”  There is no winners in making other wrong, justifying to others why you punish them, hurt them, get involved in their fights, etc…

We are all smart enough and loving enough that if someone is harming a soul in front of us, or harming other souls in a harmful way, we step in, so lets not be delusional either.  Now what I just wrote is a story about the stories we tell. When you stop telling them, you will laugh more.

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