The Naked Mystic: The Heart Drummer

One night great crowds gathered around the fire. This night took place in a valley, where a breeze blew through, this night would be different from most nights, the great master would speak.   She radiated a inner beauty that spoke volumes of her wisdom and reverence for life.  She was unconcerned by the outside world, her attention seemed to rest inside. She loved everyone and everything with out expectation, need, or want.   She had been through quite a life, raised in a family of drinking, abuse, humiliation, and her path had always seemed to be filled with heart break.

One day it all shifted when she asked the Divine Mother for help and she made a promise,

“Dear Divine Mother can you lift me up, then I will serve your will,” after she spoke these words, she sat in silence. In her silence she received this guidance, “Dear child, promises are not necessary, for you have been given everything. But to awaken to such Love is a responsibility that can not be taken lightly, if you choose to horde this Love, it will be taken away from you till you are ready to be responsible.” From this moment she understood, to give it all.

As people from all round gathered to here her word, she looked out and began,

“I come here in Love, great Love. For each of you is born from Love, and live in love. Not a grasping little love, not a worried love, not a love that looks back, not even a love that looks forward. But Love itself.  Today I speak of the “Heart Drummer”.  There is only one Heart beating, the answer is found in the word itself. H-EAR-T as she spelled out the word for the crowd.  The word “ear” is found in the word.  This is your purpose brother’s and sister’s.  When the talking mind rests, then you can “hear-with your ear-the true Heart”.  Instead of walking around chattering and talking about nonsense, as though you know something, rest in the heart and listen. By listening to the Heart Drummer you will finally hear with your ear the heart of the one Heart. When you hear the heart you can create Art. Your life is made from Heart Art, molded and crafted by Love. Just listen with your whole being with alertness. You will see where the inspiration really comes.”

At that she left.

By David Matthew Brown (If this story is used, please acknowledge David and Patheos, you can share it)




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