The Naked Mystic: The Mystic

A mystic is simply one who is connected to the whole. The Mother of nature. She grows everything moment to moment and is in constant relationship with the Father.  Both are intertwined in the whole.  A mystic allows life to unfold as it is, and knows and discovers life. So essentially the life you THINK you know is just a thought. Your inner mystic doesn’t have to think to know life.

Life is deeply feminine in nature, but the very action of it is masculine.  You must respect both in order to trust it.  If you fail to respect either one or both you will find yourself thinking, the world worships thinking, and thoughts.  You will not find the whole in that process.  You can not fake love, gratitude, respect, they must be discovered here.  It is easy to blame or complain. Those are signs of disempowerment within the whole.

The whole is discovered by listening, feeling, and observing, all which have nothing to do with thinking.  It is laughable to hear that someone has it all figured out, enlightenment is not some magical experience or fantasy or self indulgence. It is the discovery in light now. To trust that knowing presence which is, the knower is not the thinker and the thinker is not the knower.  To be with this now and allow it to unfold and guide you to your deeper you.  You are endless, limitless, and boundless, so is this universe. So this ALL NESS which you create words for is constantly growing and expanding as YOU.  So truly you exist in joy, in love, in life, in light, and in play.  Your very essence is mother/father or masculine/feminine.  You must learn to respect them. Respect the great Mother earth and Father sky they are one and you are their oneness. Oneness is childlike, to discover that is amazing. Like an infant trusting its parent or parents.  That is great love and with great love comes responsibility to it. Please lets be responsible for Mother earth and respect her again.



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