Are you hungry?

Someone sent me an email the other day asking the question, “David, what is God?”.  I remember 5 years ago I had the wonderful Dr. David Hawkins on my radio show, who recently passed away, and I was curious and asked him the same question, and he didn’t answer it, he just laughed.  I will not just laugh the question off, because this is a blog and the question is asking for an answer.  But I am smiling, just so you know.

Lets take away the word G-d.  The word itself brings up lots of conflict and has been used by different religions to divide, conquer, and create both inner-war and outer-war.  This blog is simply used to be with the inside world, and change that. So for our purpose, I will suggest that we are talking about existence which I will call MOTION.  Many of you are dealing with hunger pains right now.  You are hungry to know yourself, to be empowered, to stand up and stand in your heart, and so this may help you. I call this recipe a M.E.A.L.  I spoke on this Sunday at the Center for Spiritual Awareness.  This MEAL has 4 parts.

The purpose for relaxing in the here and now and understanding your self is so you can be empowered and stand in your power. So you move the energy in a singular purpose, so the energy is pointed, focussed, this ends all the nonsense of useless doing. For example when kicking a soccer ball, you don’t kick ball into the net, you kick the ball through it. You envision the ball through the net, so you see the end. So you see the final outcome.  So when you are present, the mind is still, you are alert, and you can direct the MOTION where you want it. The outside world no longer dictates the direction, YOU DO.  So I encourage you to find something to learn that will help in the process of relaxation, such as, prayer, meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, breath work, etc…it will help in your centering. When present and relaxed you can sense an alert energy, which we again are calling MOTION, you are never really still, you are always in MOTION.

So as you rest in motion, picture your life as if it has already happened. Imagine the feeling of it and really see it like it is already done.  Lets use our example, you see and feel yourself scoring a goal. You feel the goal has already been scored, your teammates hugging you and telling you ,”great job” you feel great, overjoyed.  The feeling is called EMOTION which is your ENERGY in MOTION.  So we call this ME. ME is emotion which is your oneness with life.  That emotion becomes the third part called ACTION which is formed from LOVE.  Once you have the first two down, the rest will follow. The universe which is inside of you is neutral, or unconditional.   It is neither the label of love or fear those are simply labels we give it. For some love feels good and fear feels bad, but those come from beliefs.  We activate the MOTION of the unconditional through our beliefs not our wants.

I hope this helps. Part two tomorrow will be on BELIEF and WANT….Enjoy your meal.




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