Do you have a Timothy in your life?

On this path of discovery, learning, growing, and  forgiveness, all which allows us the opportunity to live in the presence, with less stress, we have the chance to meet many people. Some of those people stay, some go, some last for just a second, or minute. Some we talk too on our way to work, and others show up in our lives for a month or two.  My sense is that each of them is a reminder for us on where we are holding on, where we have finally let go, and where we are now.  My life is based on inspiration, my work is to inspire, to guide, and help others to achieve and live their inner-brilliance.  I bring this up because last night my daughter and I watched DUMBO.  I love the story of DUMBO because it is about accepting our gifts, and sometimes those gifts are the ones people pick on the most.  I wish my gift was my freckles, by I have others.

In the story of DUMBO he discovers he can fly. In the story DUMBO is picked on for having BIG ears and is made fun of, but DUMBO meets Timothy a small mouse who works for the circus.  Now throughout the story Timothy inspires and believes in DUMBO.  Even when DUMBO doesn’t see it.  In our society, many people spend most of their lives trying to change you, and yet it is very few people who wish to inspire you, even when others have left.  Many people can be friends when things are going right, but many friends leave when things head south.

In the end of the story, DUMBO discovers his gift and a friend. Funny that a mouse and an a elephant can be friends.  But they are.  Inspiring people when things are going or have gone south is not about being positive, actually it is actually just being there for them, and listening.  Knowing they will move through this and grow.  Appreciate those people in life that inspire you. Because they are sent to you for a reason.  Love is inspiring. Find the Timothy in your life and thank them.  They are rare indeed. Someone who truly listens and loves you right where you are, no games, manipulations, deceiving, just being with you is enough, because they see you as you are.

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