God is Straight, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and loving it!

As each of us begins to connect within to the essence of love with no beliefs, conditions, and stories; we begin to understand what it is beyond the thoughts, and the expression as the I AM.

It is unfortunate that we have misinterpreted the bible as much as we have. That we have turned our minds into God. That we have failed to grow up and turn to the silence. It is a great failure that intellectuals have turned inspired passages into separation, power, greed, and turned a story of evolution of consciousness into man made rules and doctrines to judge God.

For it is not God that judges, God did not create you from sin, God is love as we finally learn from the New Testament, which is a testament of growth. Like any test in life, it is individual, and when you pass, you give a testament. Spiritual growth is a test like no other, it challenges your self created stories, self created beliefs, judgements, till you lie naked, vulnerable, and receptive to the inspiration. God created all, so all is created from God. All is life.  So all life is God, ALL LIFE.

We have 7 billion expressions of I AM on this planet. Each wearing a costume, each expressing love as they know it, so I can’t condemn that man or woman who puts down another person sexuality and forbids them equality of marriage, because they are loving from their own consciousness; which is being tested and wanting them to grow up. I am sure we all remember the story of the group that wanted to judge the woman and throw stones, and they are confronted with, “If you have not sinned then throw the stone.”  Sin is simply a mistake. A mistake in identity. Most people believe they are their bodies, minds, and yet that is mistaken.  The identity is within and must be discovered. It takes a grown up to stop listening to others and discover who they are.  We are in a state in this world of letting go of the stories, beliefs, and conditions which have hurt us collectively and individually as a society.

God is straight, gay, transgender, bi-sexual and none of these are higher than the other. They are equal in love, loved, and appreciated. On the level of oneness, love and loved are one.

God knows nothing of your interpretations. So many people quote the bible as though it is fact, history, and yet it is inspired. Your sexuality is an inspiration and should be delighted in. That inspiration is a gift.  As a straight man, the Christ is a the recognition within ourselves, and that recognition is discovered, that discovery takes strength, and to me that is strong love.  It takes great love to stand in hate, judgement, and say, “Forgive them they know not what they do.”

We are taught God is love now.  The very idea of oneness is the marriage between God and you.  Then you extend that to a partner.  We are the only ones making up rules and believing them.  All beliefs need to be challenged and questioned, both internally and externally.  Rules are made to protect. We need to give up the idea that man and man, woman and woman, don’t have rights under God.  In our laws, ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. So we need to see where all men are not created equal, and change the rules.  God is love. If you make a mistake, we forgive, because we all make them, so we need to get off our religious high horse, political high horse, greedy rules, and begin to grow up and take a good look at ourselves and others.  Asking, “Am I being love right now? Am I being the love that Christ talks about?” Because love is love. Simple. And we all know what it feels like to love.

God is Straight, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and loving it! God loves to express as these wonderful lives, as you and I. Everyone is loved. But that love must be discovered.  I look at the bully, hate mongers on TV, ministers who separate us, religions who yearn for power over others more than love, religions who exclude gays and woman and treat them as less then God’s love, and realize they are calling to be loved. They are calling for compassion.  So we should have healthy dialogue, which is open, and filled with listening.

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