Love your neighbor?

We walk in a world that is filled with compulsion, a world in which  unconscious people are unconscious of being unconscious, where an eye for an eye feels good, revenge is glorified, war amplified, hurts, pains, and yet we are told in spite of anothers actions to send love, pray for them.

I can speak on experience. This is very difficult for anyone.  Everything inside you wants to go get them back, make things even in some way.  and yet I am asking you to stand your ground.  I found myself in a situation where I was in the middle of resolving it, and others that knew nothing of what was actually going on, began to bud in, intervene, and threaten me.

I have been trained in conflict resolution, resolving things in a peaceful way, prayer, and many other modalities, but this had gone on long enough.  I found it hard not to think bad thoughts, and certainly wasn’t in a place to forgive the actions of a small group.  But everyone I turned to for guidance during this period told me to pray for them. Really? So I did.  I prayed. Got still, and listened, and prayed.  It was difficult at first, but I started to gain strength in myself as I prayed for those involved.  At first I just prayed for them.  Then after awhile I started sending them kind thoughts, and now I no longer think of them in any charged way.  It was a process, for me, a long process. One of growth, a deeper love, understanding, and compassion for all of us involved.

This is what I learned, I learned that what you give is what you want to receive. And everything is from the inside, everything.  So if I wish ill will, hurt, war, or anything on anyone, no matter what has taken place, I am asking for the same to be done to me. Please read that again.  Because it means that our responsibility is on our thinking, and that is why we have a practice. We have a spiritual practice whether it is prayer, meditation, yoga, hiking, or anything else to relax us into the presence and allow us to have more control of what we give out to others.   When the bible tells us of Jesus preaching “pray for your enemies” this is strength, real strength. This takes practice.  This is not about being a warrior, or solider of love, or some label of power, it is really about how infinite, strong, actual love is as YOU. Because you have to turn away from your senses and turn inward to the infinite temple.

It is difficult to stand in actual love, while others are hating you, resenting you, throwing daggers, using half truths, lying, or what ever is unfolding.  To stay still in the middle of  craziness.  To be calm inwardly. But we are asked to do this.  We are asked to forgive, pray, stand in it, walk in it.  and imagine a world that is pure love and kind, and that world starts within you. Also, by praying for the others you allow them to deal with “heaven inside them” when they are called in their life to deal with themselves.  But that is their stuff not yours.

We must be strong and watch that we never worry, blame, complain, gossip, hate, hurt another with our thoughts. Our thoughts are prayers and so if can help yourself by forgiveness, it will erase that moment you took serious.  Life is life and we all have to deal with people, so make it your practice to send love before you enter a room, send love to your mate, family, sister, bother, kids, stranger on the street. Telepathically send them love, kindness, and see them receiving your gift. You will be rewarded beyond anything you can imagine.



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