The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

Life is simple, we are designed for change, growth, and learning.  Yet the design is outdated from our conditioning.  Yes all answers to life are found in you, but if you have trouble go in, then what can you do?  Lots of my clients have had trouble with their own practice. So from my experience I wrote a small book to guide you on your journey. It will help with getting comfortable with now. As we rest in the presence, we first must realize that we are crazy.

In awareness of your body now, allow your attention to rest on the breath.  As the attention rests on the breath, you may notice that the breath becomes conscious to you and as this happens the breath deepens.  You are meant to BE PRESENT.  Now put your attention on your hearing, smell, feel, taste, and simply become aware of the aliveness in you.  Rest here.  Now you should be able to hear the voice in the head (Storyteller) wanting to not be here. It focuses on the identity of the  future, past, anything but being here.  But you are here, so be here.  The more consciousness you allow to flow into now, the more you will begin to hear guidance, inner wisdom, your REAL self, bigger self, or in the east they call it I AM, Jesus called it the FATHER, holy Guardian, call it what you will, but it is your inner guru, coach, and teacher.  It is with you 24/7 and has never left.

This process which I have shortened is found in the book and throughout.  The book is a wonderful meditation, contemplation, on stillness, empowerment, and wisdom, which is what you are.  Below is a link to pre-order on Barnes and Noble. I love simple, and truth is simple.  You are KNOW what to do in every situation.  Just let the Deeper self guide you my sweet friend.


Pre-order, The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening By David Matthew Brown


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