The Story of Jesus is You?

I grew up and was raised Catholic, then left with my discovery of Buddhism, and then settled into Zen.  After several years of different religions, I found a home at Agape International Spiritual Center, where I studied and became what is known as a spiritual counselor, which now has become my career as a Reflection Therapist.  Through my own practice I have studied the bible and was introduced to a much deeper way of being with it with Christian Science.  I am grateful to all my teachers, practitioners, priests, monks, and reverends who have guided my practice in all religions and spiritual practices.

I must admit that I have had trouble with how the main interpretation of Jesus has been looked at.  One of the best spiritual books written is the bible, no doubt. I have taken the bible as literal and have taken the bible as fact, and now my journey has led me to believe that the bible is not fact or even history.  It is a group stories about you and I, not out there but in here.  Inside of us.  That the Jesus Christ that is spoken of is not out there saving you, not a man in a beard, but it is the spiritual aspect of you.  The discovery of the dormant in you.  It is quite possibly one of the best books to help you have a psychological shift from out there to in here.  The disciples represents the many aspects of the voices, images we play out ourselves and they are leading us to our own resurrection. It is the story of understanding who we are. We are waiting for us to connect to ourselves. We are the second coming. We are looking out there for it and yet it is waiting for us to acknowledge it inside of us.

If you were to take the stories in the bible and contemplate them, they act as koans. They are there to guide you and open you up within. The old testament is the story of God out there, the new is the story of God and I as one, and the third part of this evolution is I AM. The I AM is the part that we are writing now.   The bible is a evolution of consciousness.  We are consciousness waiting to be discovered, we are the undiscovered planet. We are the individual Jesus Christ. It does not read, “I Jesus am the way” it says, “I AM the way.”  Jesus points out the path of how to stop identifying with the body and mind as you and  when you identify with the I AM then you rise. You resurrect from the dead.  You become life.  You are life. The mind and body resist life now, that is what we call the devil (Crazy thoughts), it is crazy to resist now.  Life is sane.  Walking dead on this planet is identifying with the body as you, the mind as you, and on this planet, those are worshiped over and over in media, magazines, newspapers, etc…

So my invitation is to re-look at the bible and see more of a group of stories about how you can resurrect on this planet now.  You are given the tools to achieve that, forgiveness and love. Yes we have all been Paul, Peter, Mary, Judas, Pilate, and all these characters are teaching us to come home. So rather than worshiping Jesus outside as the only God, we should go within and find it inside of us.



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