Where is your Furniture?


A wonderful teaching to sit with from the Sufi, read it and contemplate it…remember we are not collectors here on this planet, we are tourists, traveling and exploring.


A western man came to a Sufi Master to learn, as he heard about him from others that he is an enlightened soul. When the searcher entered to his house, he saw that an old Sufi was sitting on the corner, alone.
He was shocked and asked the Sufi: ` I heard that you are a famous
Sufi and here you are simply sitting without any furniture even a bed, how is it possible?’
Sufi master laughed and asked him: ‘Where is your furniture?’
He said: ` I am a tourist and no tourist carry his furniture with him.’
Sufi master looked in to his eyes and replied:`I too a tourist, just a tourist and tourist never carry any furniture with him.’

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