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THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING showed up at my door step last night.  I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would be published, and yet I am.  The book was a birthing for myself. I would like to acknowledge my journey with Gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who  found in their hearts to celebrate me, rather than tolerate me.  Two years ago,  I faced divorce,  got mugged, skydived, had a beautiful supportive daughter to raise,  discovered many people in my life who just tolerated me rather then celebrated me, and walked in great periods of doubt, confusion, loss, and made mistakes left and right.  Nothing seemed to move forward for me.

Many people supported and loved me.  Thank you to Brian for the car to borrow.  Thank to my good friend Carlo for cutting my hair, inspiring me, and loving me. To John G, who without a shadow of doubt picked me lots.  To Paul and Anna and my folks for loving me through it all.  To Paul who got me to sky dive out of plane. To Steven who asked me to pray for everyone and grow in my heart with God.  To my teachers at Agape who taught me a practice of meditation to turn too.  To Rose J, Korena, Pheonix, Emmanuel, Success, Intergalatic Angel, Chet, Alison B, Charlotte, Robert Taylor, Nancy at Antelope Valley, Natalie,  and both my families. To the  Agape practitioners and Unity prayer lines.

We are here to raise each other up, thank you to everyone who helped me raise up and discover my heart. That discovery has brought forth THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING.   There are others as well Like Maria,  Gini, Michele M, Kelly and Dana, Steve A, Peter and Kathleen, and finally Unity Burbank who saw me when I couldn’t see myself. Thank you Facebook friends. I have given up people who tolerate me and surrounded myself with people who celebrate me. Thank you Karen B, Eric, and Rose.

Here is the forward to my book by the mystic Emmanuel Dagher….Thank you everyone for making such a difference in my life. If I forgot anyone my apologies.

by Emmanuel Dagher
Having known David for many years now, I find myself consistently

inspired by the love and kindness he exudes with
everyone he meets. The combination of his wisdom, strength,
honesty, and sensitivity sets a precedent for the new blueprint
that we are all becoming.
I met David when I was only a teenager, starry eyed & ready to
delve into a more conscious way of being. It all started when my
mom connected with David at a mind/body/spirit type of festival
where he came to her booth and they instantly hit it off. He then
invited her to attend one of his special meditation events. My
mom insisted that I go with her to meet her new friend & see
how ‘awesome’ he was. So, I did & from the moment I walked
into the room, I knew that I was ‘home’ after feeling into the
vibration of love that was set by David & the group of people he
was speaking to.
David has a gift of taking spiritual principles that often seem a
bit challenging to comprehend and simplifies them in way that
makes it easy for anyone to understand. This to me is a form of
alchemy, and I see David as a true Alchemist of spirituality. I’ve
personally come to realize that it’s in the most simple of things
where the most profound miracles reside, and David was able to
confirm this for me through his abilities & gifts.
Now, you as the reader have the opportunity to also experience
David’s insights & gifts for yourself. After reading this book, I
noticed that much of what I took away from it was not so much
just in the words, but rather the energy in between the words
that I personally feel have the power to instantly transform one’s
life wherever they are in their journey.
It’s a deep honor for me to know a luminous light like David, and
to be able to call him my friend & brother.
With gratitude,

Emmanuel Dagher
Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Teacher, & Holistic Health


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