Got Lost?

We have all seen the milk ads, “Got milk?”, but for most us our slogan should be, “Got Lost?”.  Yesterday I sat there as the power went out through out the day on my block, I felt like I was two steps behind everything,  and yet I was aware it was just a story I was telling my self. So why would we tell each other stories? Things happen, and we quickly put a spin on it and most of the time our spin is just a reaction that isn’t true. It feels true at the time, “So and so did me wrong, look at their lives compared to mine, not good enough, give up dating, tired of this, never find a job, My parents think I am crazy, I feel different, what a blank-” Each of us is wanting to make sense of all that is unfolding.  We want to matter, be the hero, the savior, the great leader, friend, partner, son, daughter, parent, and yet that is what we are letting go of.

We are letting go of identifying with the story.  Stories are how we relate, so what am I referring too.  When you are in awareness of what is, the story you tell is different. It isn’t charged up with good or bad, us or them, it is spoken from a place of neutrality. A place of observing.  Someone asked me the other day, “David don’t you think we are human or spiritual?”  I feel like we are discovering that we are breather’s. The breath is who we are.  Being is breathing. In awareness, the breath is constantly flowing. When you think, get involved, worry, stress, or live out of awareness, then the breath stops, holds,and grips.   Life is really quite simple and sane.

In awareness the attention is felt like observing. In this observing state, everything is happening.  When we leave this state of breathing (BEING), we feel lost, confused, and lonely. The way to discover this is to pay attention to your breathing.

Is the breath flowing, circular, and natural?  Or is the breath choppy, gripping, stopping a lot, or even in the upper chest?  Let the breath guide you. As this becomes your way of life, you will begin to live from inspiration (IN SPIRIT or IN BREATH).  When we trust our storyteller mind more than the breath, we seem to live more from lack and limitation and judgment. When we begin to live in the breath, we begin to shift from the hostility of the presence, into the friendship of the presence.  This shift is life transforming, from out there to in here.

You are the breath. Sit with this statement. “I AM THE BREATH”. You are FAB- Flowing Attention Breath.  love


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