Rise Of The Guardians- Go See!

As many of you know that have read my book, “The Book Of Light:The Heart Opening”, the book is about believing in your light, and overcoming the story of fear in your life.   So yesterday I took my 5 year old daughter to see THE RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.  I loved it. It is the story of standing in your light and not being afraid of the darkness. If you get a chance go see it.

After seeing the movie I felt my vision again. We need each other.  It is my vision to have 7 billion people switch their lights on.  In a world that needs you to believe in fear in order for it to work, I ask you to turn within and find your natural glow.  Step into your light. Remember this simply rule, those that don’t love themselves fully control others.  So when someone is controlling, judging, blaming, complaining, negative, maybe lying about you, etc… it is coming from being afraid, its okay. Remember we have all been there, so have compassion, pray for them, and let your light shine.  Forgiveness is a powerful tool to use as well.  Don’t change them in any way, that is not your job. Your job is to be an example of light. So be the example.  Being an example without condemnation, judgement, is key.

Most people feel if they are in a religion, spiritual practice that they have attained some truth. Most of it is in the mind and not lived.  Live the message in your body, actions, mind, and words.  You are the message of light!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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