Shaking Your World Free

A lot of people are discussing the most powerful two words on the planet, I AM. We use these words all the time.  The best way to see how we use these words is through our self-talk.  The first dialogue we have everyday is with our self.  The God presence of I AM is present in you right now and is looking for you to discover it.  In the bible we are told that one way to live in the world is to abide in God (I AM).  As we abide in the presence of life within and keep our attention inward we will begin to feel a huge earthquake happening in our inner world and outer world.  This presence is pure, and beyond language. That is why it is hard to fathom that if you are telling yourself all day long, “I am not good enough” then the I AM presence feels the desire and brings it to your world.  Hence you create the world of not feeling enough, having enough, being enough, which brings with it always wanting more, more, and more, and never feeling satisfied.

So imagine spending most of your life in this statement, “I am not enough”, then you decide that doesn’t work anymore, so you change it to, ” I AM LOVE”.  Well expect an earthquake, a big one.  Because your world will shake it self out, everything will fall apart.   And the only ride you can hop on is I AM, as the I AM brings forth LOVE as the experience.  That is why words are important and abiding in the I AM (God) is faith.  Because faith is the unknown, you have left what you have known, “I am not enough” to now entering what you do not know, which is LOVE.

I hope this helps. Rest and watch how you speak to yourself. If you find yourself claiming a negative, that is okay.  You have the power to change your course.  Be gentle, kind, and have compassion with YOU!

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