The Book Of Light

I am excited to let you know that people are now receiving copies of my new book called THE BOOK OF LIGHT.   Yes it small and very deep.  My advice to those that are receiving the book is to read it once, put it down and come back and read it again.  The mind you will discover will want to get it, understand it right away, and use it. This is not that type of book. In fact this book is quite unique in its construction, it is not linear in the way we are used too, but it is quite linear to your soul.  So be gentle, read it, contemplate it, and allow the movement to happen.  Use it as a meditation as well.  Pick it up, turn to a page and the first sentence you see, read it, and contemplate it.

The official date of its release is NOVEMBER 30th.  Thank you for the emails from those that are reading the book.  This book is a heart to heart book and the break down of the stories we have made up, so be gentle with yourself.

Have a wonderful Monday!

Amazon: The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

David Matthew Brown, is the a contributing writer to Patheos with his blog The Naked Mystic, he speaks, lectures, facilitates, counsels, and has led meditation and stillness retreats.  He is the radio of host of Heart Talk Radio, and hosted Inside Out where he interviewed over 364 guests including, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Byron Katie, Marianne Williamson, Bernie Seigel, Michael Beckwith, and Gary Zukav along with many others.

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