True Equality

Radio host asked me, “What is your book about?”,  my response was this, “It’s about our true equality, the place we exist whether conscious or unconscious, awake, or not awake, the place were each and everyone us exists, matters, fully connected to the whole. No story about the other, or our self, a place we dwell in pure acceptance. A place where there is no proving who we think we are to others, a place were we no longer create stories of what we think it means, or what we think others are doing or not, or should or shouldn’t.”

A brief moment of silence came between the answer and the question asked.  And we sat there, I pointed out the silence, “this is what the book is, the unraveling of the self created story in the individual and collective, a place were we no longer need to justify why we are here to others, to our self,  and what we do.”

Whether I was conscious of it or not,  this small book is about our true equality, and yes how we are all connected. And that must be discovered by each of us. My vision is that as you are reading this, you will begin to feel the call within, the subtle whispers calling you in, to experience a profound love and being loved at the same time.  As this is experienced, you will lose the sense to prove, compete, compare, damn, or separate in any way from this source. The discovery will be made that you are quite amazing, and that everyone is as well.

The equality that I am speaking about is not found in your race, sex, politics, or opinions, it found before the story is ever created.  It rests now.  Can you imagine creating a world of acceptance of now? And from that acceptance, you speak and act moment to moment. That you recognize that you matter, that you are seen, and  you are love.  Love  has say on this planet.  It is time now that we give love a chance and walk it.  We have praised the darkness of separation for way to long, both within and out.

May you step into to true equality which is now.  Yes you will experience obstacles, valley’s, but you will be a leader for generations to come.

It is here for you…now. No need to defend.

To make a difference in the world is to make the difference in you…

To buy a copy click the link, only $9.95  Amazon: The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening




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