Forget Going Inward- Consumption Is Our God

We live on a planet where Earth is getting consumed by consumption. We are consumed by greed, lack, limitations, and well it seems like on a whole we are content with it. People wait in line like cattle for the next big electric thing, we go to eat out and the portions could feed a village, we want more, more, more, and all the while we seem to love conflict, drama, chaos, gossip, and it is growing into a monster.  People running people over for toys, hurting each other for video games, and we continue to worship consumption.  It plays right into our view of ourselves, feeling small, lacking, and limited. WE NEED IT, we must be right and make someone wrong to feel good, that is gross.

Now people are consuming in relationships, dating, not getting what THEY want and moving on. We seem to lack patience with each other, and the willingness to grow deeply with someone.  We are getting consumed as a world by ourselves, the little storyteller inside that has to have it.  Consumption has led to us belittling woman, children, education, and things that matter for money.  Yet consumption is a story of greed. Greedy people lack in self-love, respect, and lack compassion.

Earth is being drowned in garbage everywhere around the globe, and the biggest thing about it is we don’t mind.  There is even consumption in religion, politics, where self serving is more important then actually serving for the greater good of all.  Look at our political system in America which is gross and despicable.  The politicians don’t care about you, they care about how it serves them and their agenda. They know the right thing to do for the good of the planet or country but care to much about approval.  We teach our kids to trust them selves and not worry about approval. But 94% of people don’t follow their heart because they are concerned on the approval of their parents, friends, and family.  Can we please heal that notion, story? It doesn’t work anymore.

We live in a world where be selfless, loving, caring, compassionate, is looked at as a parlor trick, rather than a way of being who we actually are.  Going inward and sitting in stillness is valuable. The value of going inside and being still is self-love.  It takes great self love to sit with yourself and be present.  Fear is for the weak of heart, love is for the strong hearted. And yet, we consume in sports, news, with competition, and fail to turn it off the TV and go outside and be with our families. We gamble because we believe we are alone, and luck exists. We fail to see the nature of the universe and how connected it is and how powerful our thoughts can be. We have so much information, and lack knowledge. We believe in information more then “knowing our self”.

You have the power to change the story on this planet from consumption to helping. This Holiday give from your heart. Be creative.  Lets end consumption. Remember the grass is not greener. Stick with your heart and you can’t miss.



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