Join me on 12-12-12

12-12-12 is not only my daughters birthday but a movement of energy around the planet.  To learn more about what will be happening click on the link and read the many different versions, 12-12-12 Videos, Channels, and Energy Forecasts

If you live on the West Coast, I invite you to join me for an hour of silence from 8 pm PST- 9 pm PST.  As we attune to the energy as a collective consciousness and pray for the people on the earth as well.

To take part simply light some candles at home, get comfortable and either lay down or sit up right and close your eyes.  Just feel the energy as it comes in.   As we approach December 21st we are coming to the the end of a 26,000 year old cycle and the beginning of a incredible time of creativity for all of us.  So enjoy! Peace and Blessings! Feel free to share this with others.

By the way, don’t believe me, please read for yourself and do your research.  I hope you can be still for an hour though. Turn off the TV and Radio and be still.

David Matthew Brown is a contributor to Patheos, healer, speaker, and Author, “The book Of Light: The Heart Opening.” He offers Light Sessions for the holiday season for $50. Find out more



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