Pro-Love Movement-

“Let me be quite clear where I stand, I stand in love, I stand for love, it is a pro-love movement.”

David Matthew Brown


We live on a planet that has tried thousands of years of killing each other. In every way, shape, and form.  It is glorified in movies, video games, TV, magazine, comic’s, and even in some religions.  Fear runs rampant on the news and media.  We want blood, fear, and say it over and over. We have tried the experiment in history and keep getting  the same results.  Killing does not work. Guns and weapons don’t work.  Hating, fighting, and judging don’t work.

We are all on this planet together. We need to find fresh new ways to express on this planet.  That takes millions of people to start stepping up in courage and having the guts to say something. Forget us against them, that doesn’t work, and the systems we have created thrive on conflict.

So here it is, I STAND IN A PRO-LOVE movement. A movement based on complete unity. It is time to look past our labels of skin color, politics, sexuality, humanness, religions, politics, and see that beyond it all, there is a place where we are connected to each other. Destroying ourselves and Mother Earth has failed for years.  Join me if you have courage in your heart, which I feel you do.  I feel you are reading this blog because you are moved by it, you are moved in Europe, America, South Africa, Australia, to stand for love.

To stop fighting against things and start standing for love.  You are amazing. You are here because you matter and exist.  Let us take action in love and for love.  Love stands for justice for all.  Let us walk in love for ourselves and our fellow beings. Let us choose to stand for love only and not be swayed by fear.

How much killing, violence, hate, separation are you willing to take? Join the PRO-LOVE movement. Forget if guns don’t kill people, and people do. The point is we have guns and they are meant to kill and take lives. How pointless is that? Think about it. We used our minds to create ways to take each others lives.  I am sure we can use our minds now to create a better humanity. A humanity that takes action from love. That supports, works together, and helps each other sustain our life here for many years to come. Fear and control don’t work. Let move in a new direction.

David Matthew Brown is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING, you can buy it on AMAZON and Barnes and Noble.

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