Thinking is the Dream- Wake up from It!

The Book of Light: The Heart Opening is out around the globe now, and as people begin to buy the book and I begin to speak more and more on it, the one thing I hear more than any other comment is “simple can be quite profound.”  In the book I write about awakening from the “Storyteller” and standing in the light.  The storyteller represents the lie we tell ourselves and others all day long. We believe in it so much, and it is so loud or sometimes so slick that we miss it for what it is, a story.  All stories have a beginning, middle, and end. That is some of the components of a good story, and yet the truth is simple.

“Know thy self” or the “Truth will set you free”, are some of the wonderful insights we have shared for thousands of years with each other. Most people become confused because they believe in their truth, their way, and yet that truth is  personal and does not fit the universal truth. Universal truth is freeing, it fits everyone and everyone understands it when they hear it spoken.  It is simple, but the road is to realize it.  That is difficult for many us because we have to first admit, we are wrong, and have no idea what the universal truth is.  We have to ask ourselves, “What if everything I believed in, was wrong, and all the things I fought was actually right?”  Because they are two sides of the truth. That is why most people are partly right but not fully right with things.

The truth is beyond your belief, beyond the story you have identified with, beyond right and wrong, and yes it is still.  All the thinking people do is the dream.

Your mind when quiet becomes like a dream catcher for light. Then light activates the heart-mind connection, and creates in the world. So be still and listen and you will know now what you have never known then or tomorrow.  God speed light. Keep shining! In Truth we are hear to listen to the whispers of light and then take action from there.

Break the conditioned story, myth, and shine.

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