What if there really is only Love?

Recently my car over heated on the way to a talk and book signing.  A friend was kind enough to pick me up and drive me to the talk. During the talk I brought up how my car died and how blessed I was to have someone bring me. After the talk someone asked me, “What do you think it means?” I looked puzzled, “What?” , they replied, “Your car overheating?” I responded, “I don’t know, there is no meaning in it.” The person seemed baffled by such a reply.  So about ten minutes later they came back, and we talked.

I explained, what if God’s messages were just here to trust.  What if there really was only love? When there is only love, and love is all that  there is, meaning falls away.   So the car over heated, that’s it, I take into the shop tomorrow and get it fixed.  The reason we put meaning on things is because we believe in fear. If you lose your sense in fear then there is really only love.  So that is the path, leaving fear, for love.  Letting fear guide you back to love.  If the scriptures, religions, myths are right then all points to love. test it out.

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