Leaves Falling In the Fall

Here is a poem I wrote, that appeared in some publications.  Thought I would share on this glorious Friday! Love you

Leaves Falling in the Fall


My bare feet walking along the cold dirt

As the sun christens my face with its golden light

I alone have discovered this truth


Squatting down to feel the brown wet leaves

Mud nestles against my feet

The dirt forms footprints that will soon be left by me


Glancing up at the tall pine trees

A bird sings its glorious praise of heaven on earth

My eyes squint to find the precious animal


Suddenly I feel the presence of a winged lover on my shoulder

It is dressed in an orange and red silk dress disguised as wings

This butterfly winks at me and flies off


I close my eyes to feel the cool breeze pushing along my face

Like the first time I dreamt I was flying

My breath goes deeply within


Nature in all of its perfection

Effortless and easy like the sun rising each morning

Life is but one space drawn between two spaces lost


A realization moves through my beating heart and soft breath

Gently reminding me of whose I am

In this moment in space I find that I am one


Picking myself up and walking down the dirt path

My breath reminds me of home

A place I have been running from for so long


It is good to be here in this stillness

There is great strength and security here

My exhale is longer now


This life is simple and well

Relaxing in this truth

I know there is but one power and that lives within me

Contributor David Matthew Brown, Is a father, speaker,  spiritual counselor, and author the book, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”, which has been called, “The new bible of 2013, a must read” -Kate Hennessy


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