Who Is Right?

As we look at media today, politics, religious organizations, business’s, alternative methods, individuals, and groups standing for and against, we begin to ask ourselves, “Who is right?”  What if the answer is none of them. None of them are right.  Lets look at the “individual” which means undivided.  The individual seems to be in constant conflict with itself. The mind is in a battle for good and bad, right and wrong, for and against, etc… and yet we are told there is one-verse, or universe.

We have made up our politics, religions, economy, marriage, divorce, money,  in our game of make believe, which means making you believe something that isn’t real, we have forgotten we have made it up.  We made up from our individual duality. We made it up from a place of power over something, because most of us grew up with some sort of religion or spiritual practice which preached a God that has power over you.  But that practice is based on the mind, that believes itself, believes its thoughts, believe in worry, doubt, confusion, which leads to violence with self and others. So here we are in a place of make believe.  We believe in what we speak without understanding it, we believe in our teachers, ministers, parents, without questioning.  We believe in our media without questioning.  We believe because we are afraid to look inward and question this mind that needs to be questioned, inquired, and looked at. What if we were to understand that we are equal in the universe? The power over anything is made up. That we are equal in every way to the universe. That the word individual which means “undivided” actual was more real to you then separation is.  That when you see homelessness, poverty, wealth, etc..outside that that is actually in you and if you have a problem with it out there then it needs to be looked at in side.

So rather than inquiring and questioning the mind inside, we act like it isn’t happening, and throw up our garbage on society. We preach love, and stab each other in the back. We continue to take the low road, rather than high road.  We refuse to look at ourselves, because we are comfortable in separation.  Separation gives the individual a sense of specialness.  We love to feel special in relationships, works, health, spirituality, religion, friends, because we don’t feel that way inside. So maybe someone will give us that outside.  But who cares right? You may read this and say I know this already, or hate this crap, or what is he talking about, all these ways of seeing this blog are correct.  This blog isn’t about accepting another way, it is about questioning, inquiring, and looking at ourselves.  The invitation is for everyone.

David Matthew Brown is the author/Counselor/Speaker of The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening   “A must Read!”- Radio Host, Kate Hennessy


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