A Tale Of Inspiration

NEVER GIVE UP ON WHO YOU ARE, I write this to you as a reminder to myself now. We never know who will show up to pick us up and walk with us. Sometimes when the road is foggy, we may not see the path, that is why friends, family, and strangers show up when they do.  To cheer us on! To say, “You can do this! I believe in you!”.  It is quite easy to judge someone else. Judgement is lack of understanding the other. Yet we are told to love our neighbor as our self. So we must look at the other and lend a hand.  Sometimes you are much closer than you sense, much closer.

I remember playing soccer, and was placed in the goal box because our goalie got hurt.  The game ended in a tie. So we had a shoot out.  I dropped the winning shot in the goal box. I sat alone, lost in the box.  My team mates didn’t come over and say anything.  I felt upset. Across the field walked my Dad, who was kind of man’s man, big, macho, and I am sure he might of been thinking what to say, he started waving across the field to me as he walked closer.  He stopped two feet from me, in a loss on what to say we sat there, it felt like a long time, and then he cleared his throat and said, “Well this stuff happens, why don’t we get a bite to eat.”  I was happy he came over and picked me up.  I was happy someone reminded me that “stuff happens”. So we got up and left. Walking to the car with the feeling of not knowing what to say, just being in the essence of the unknown, both scared, both searching, and yet it was all okay.  Sitting in the car listening to oldies on our way to bite. That was enough.  That is love. Love accepts where you are with no judgement and brings with it understanding.

By the way I did play goalie again, and nothing got by me.

As we crack open the heart to the possibilities of now, we go through our own pregnancy. Our own birth. Sometimes that birth is years, decades, and sometimes it happens in an instant. But as we move with our vision, there seems to be a holding period, or pregnant pause, which your head interprets as, “Oh know not this again”, panic  happens, and then something or someone comes around to remind to stay on your path.  To keep shining. So I hope if now you find yourself in a holding pattern that you can stay there and feel what you are feeling and not throw it all away.

Get a Kleenex for the video below, people are awesome, and love rules!


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