Don’t Guard The Heart, Be Guided By It

The biggest receiver and giver on the body is the heart.  It receives and gives signals to us all day long.  The heart radiates 5000 times bigger than the mind, and yet we are enraptured by the mind and scared of the heart.  We guard our hearts, we are on defense because we learned to protect everything, and then death comes and we realize that it was all a mind game and we missed a lot of opportunities because we lived guarded.  The heart is smart. It knows, what the mind is wanting to figure out.  The mind can’t understand for instance, if you are in situation where there seems to be no options, how then can you see beyond it. The mind needs facts,  to understand, to figure out, to judge, to intellectualize the experience, to label it, to say this is right and you a wrong, always gathering intel, intelligence. Not to say that using your mind is wrong. We all need our minds, but in a society where everyone is being used by the mind, we may have to look from our hearts now.

The heart is now, meaning that when the energy of anger is moving through, the heart allows it with out judgment; whereas the mind labels, goes in to thinking, “I shouldn’t be angry, I should feel like this, I am a good boy or girl”.  There is simply nothing the heart can not stand in. Courage is standing in your heart.  It takes courage to speak from your heart, but when you drop out of your mind into your heart, it speaks a universal language. The heart is amazing, it knows how to meet people where they are, meet situations right here, with no story line attached (Expectation, It’s all about you, personalizing, attachment to outcome). Play from your heart.  Life is from your heart. Life can not be found in your mind knowledge.  The heart is I AM. The mind lives waiting for the heart call.  Until then the mind will use you and wear you out with worry, fear, angry, pride, arrogance, etc…

Here is a simple way to tap into your heart and leave the mind:

1. Put your hands on your heart, both of them.

2. Breath into and out of your heart for 3 minutes. Simple breathing in and out of your heart.

3. Give yourself a break.

Enjoy your heart- it is a beautiful place to start!





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