In a world searching for purpose, for love, for relationships, health, finances, etc…we seem to neglect the one place to look…inside.  Whenever we are confronted with the appearance of a problem of any kind, let the message of a problem be an indicator to go within and take all thoughts away from the appearance, take all thoughts away from the problem, and turn within.  Life is simple, the answer is right where the question comes. The reason we miss the answer is because we are to busy focused on the problem. When we sit still, close our eyes and rest in peace, we discover that the inner wisdom within has the perfect soul-lution to what ever may be appearing as the problem.

Stillness has no labels, creates no problems, and is infinite. It is pure. So if you are struggling with a problem, let this be the invitation to acknowledge that you can not solve it, because you created it. So go within and rest, till the answer comes. Don’t believe me, practice it yourself.

On a second note, here is my interview on ONE PLANET with Simon Jordan as we discuss my new book, “THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING:

Interview With David Matthew Brown on One Planet

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