Gift Wrapped In Love

Each of us whether we recognize it or not are gift wrapped in love. The difficulty is we believe that we are the gift wrapping (Body).  We believe more in what we see with our eyes, more a superficial reality, very shallow.  The seer is found in your dreams, visions, and in quietude.  No matter how right you think you are, you will discover that you are wrong down the road.   No matter what you know, you do not know, and yet each of us is walking with the love.  It is here now.  Leading, guiding, moving.

Your strength is weak, your courage is weak, your mind is weak when left by itself, feeling separate, so what feeds your strength, courage, and mind.  The stillness of the one presence.  We are told that everywhere we go, there we are, yet everywhere we go is the vast stillness of the presence.  It is difficult at first to recognize this. We want to be right, we want to do the right thing, we want, want, want.  Like people who have forgotten who they are and where they came from.

A society believing that it came from its parents, forgetting that we came through them.  That from stillness comes form.  Each day we might want to silently ask for wisdom. In the OUR FATHER, it speaks to the significance of now. It goes to the source, calling it Father.  Father your will be done here.  It acknowledges source first, it suggests that my mind is weak, so forgive me of my trespasses; knowing we will make missteps along the way and that when we do, it is because we forgot that the presence was guiding us.  Our thoughts currently are built on sand, they are built on the past, our fears are self created.  We must be willing to be willing to forgive ourselves and others and understand they really “didn’t know” at the moment.  Give up changing others, expecting others to be saints, and realize that it really starts with here and taking a step when called too.

Forgiveness is simply the acknowledgement that we have no idea what has happened.  We control everything, because we are scared to experience everything now.  We control, because we simply believe there is no God, or love, or presence, or consciousness. If we did then we would walk everyday with the presence, which is natural.  It says in Christian texts, that GOD IS LOVE. So your source, your responsibility, is to listen each day on the instructions you are given here. It is moment to moment. Life is only now. This is why we are grateful. In this place we are with the presence. We are truly co-creating with it, not trying to keep up with the Jones family because they are just as lost too. We stay present, and realize all we need, we have, all we have is to listen.

This path is quite difficult at first, we must acknowledge this.  But because it is difficult it is worth it.  What is difficult? Letting go of your pride, titles, who you think you are, your being right, and let it all go, to the source of all life.  Then you will find great joy, love, and your life will be restored in a natural state.

David Matthew Brown is a messenger, who travels this path to bring a the inspiring news.  He is the author of THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING.  He contributes to PATHEOS, speaks at Unity Burbank and Westside Unity and facilitates workshop’s, meditations, and works with people in sessions.

“I heard David Matthew Brown speak one day in a small church in Burbank. I understand he devotes significant time to doing this. He is a fine inspirational speaker and he exudes a genuine quality refreshing to behold. So, I wasn’t surprised to see the same attributes present in his writing. The maxims about light in the first chapter grabbed me right off the bat. As an author myself and one who has done much research and contemplation on the information contained in both visible and spiritual light, I knew right away that Mr. Brown spoke from the heart with experience, not just from the head with concepts. But he goes further in describing metaphors about how best to convey our knowledge and stories of truth to others, an important topic, for realizations unshared never live up to their true potential. A great, accessible book of wisdom sayings to stimulate higher thought and feeling. You should really experience it!” ~ Peter Canova, Scholar of Gnosticism and bestselling author of Pope Annalisa


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