Ignite The Light Within

My  particular field of expertise is helping people re-ignite their light within.  A light that is already there of course and is looking to be discovered.  Through my work what I have uncovered through working with people in crisis, death, illness, panic, relationship, health, and much more is that everything is be used to help you ignite the light, your light.  It goes back to the core message, what is igniting your light?. Is it the material world or spirit?  This is not a jeopardy question but a real living question.  If it is so that we are connected and the we are one, then where is the connection.  We have been looking out there for it and frankly we can’t seem to find it.

The work in any ignition is to have a trigger, so if your trigger is the outside world then you will blow a fuse every time something out there is happening. Why? Because your trigger is relying on others to love you. So you start looking for a partner and searching for love, well the partner comes and you feel elated, stars, marriage, start dancing in your mind.  They decide to move on or date someone else, you react because you have put all your investment in them.  How can someone not love you? Now you are upset with them, you tell your friends, others, what a jerk, all the while never taking 100% responsibility for your decision.  So now you are hurt and life has thrown you a hook.  What now?

Well that  leads us to meet, and I ask you, “what did you want from the partner?” You respond “Love.”  As we sit now in silence together I ask you again, “What did you really want?”  This time I encourage you to go deeper. So you sit and ponder what you really wanted, “I was expecting her/him to love me in the way that I wasn’t loving myself.”  So you and I sit there and you go a little deeper, “Well I really just want to love myself and it frustrates me to demand some else to do it. ”   So you and I continue our session in reconnecting your light.

The point here is that every situation out there is helping you awake in here.  In spirit your inside and outside world are one, in ego it is us against them.  From my vantage point a spiritual life is nothing more than keeping things simple. When you simplify you throw out the old and step into something new. Spiritual living is the practice of stilling the mind, and listening.  After awhile you begin to simply watch yourself, which comes from deep listening.  When we listen deeply with our whole being, we become receptors of the presence, and our life becomes presence listening to presence and taking action from the light itself.  We are all light reflectors, reflecting the BIG light.  To make that switch from outside to inside only takes one thing: CHOICE. It is all up to you. I pray that each of you decide to leave the worried mind for the peaceful one.

David Matthew Brown is the author, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening”,  Ignite The Light Speaker and facilitator, he works with individuals and groups as a Soul Guide which he developed through hi sown practice.  Handling sessions in person or on the phone.  “There is great wealth in peace and happiness”- David Matthew Brown    www.dmatthewbrown.com


“David has given us a rare gift, he has created an exquisite compendium of the Soul. This beautiful book is filled with such wisdom teachings, that like the rays of the dawning sun, it will light your life with such grace, that you will feel these rays of splendor moving you to tears and laughter in one holy instant. This work takes us deep into the seams of the soul, and we are in eternal thanks to you David!“~ STEWART PEARCE, Legendary Sound Healer and Angel Medium

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