Spring Is Here: Resurrect From The Self

As we welcome spring, we welcome new beginnings, and as we do that it is a time to embrace the inner peace and love that we are.  That inner light of yours is yearning to shine.  I would invite you to buy  for $9.95 on Amazon the book called, “The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening.”  and yes I wrote this book.

But this book came from a new beginning. Imagine being in a place in your life where everything is gone, you literally our down for the count, from this place I entered meditation,  thank goodness I studied and became a practitioner of truth, which gave me the faith to go inward at such pressing times, and in the space an idea came to mind, “What is light?”  I contemplated it, I didn’t try to figure it out, I just simply contemplated it.  From there came the last chapter of the book.  This process of contemplation and deep listening went on for months, till finally a book came forward. My intention was not to write a book, my intention was to know God.

The is a different book, it does not give you the answer, the book is the answer. There is no tools or techniques to fixing you, because your mind has suggested that you are separate from the whole. Which is the biggest sickness on this planet. Separation from God.  You have arrived and simply can not fully see it yet. This book is a soul to soul book. The mind will fight you tooth and nail, but the soul, will just know it and get it, as it reads these words. Radio hosts have asked if the book is channeled, I chuckle, because everything that is inspired is channeled and that is where we get our gifts.  I have been gifted with the gift of gab, writing, speaking and I love it. I love the simplicity of life, love, and peace. Thank you for supporting this mission of inner peace for all and purchasing the book. I am honored by people in Hospice, bereavement, crisis support who have bought this for family members. I am honored by friends, family who have bought the book as gifts for friends who are stressed, worried, and need some guidance.  So much love to give and open up too!

This book sprang from a new beginning and my own resurrection of sorts. I felt lost but I have always been found.

Here is a passage:

1. There is only light. We are light. This is the truth,
foundation, and beginning of everything.
2. Light emanates from one source.
3. It has no division and so it cannot be divided.
4. The source of the light is immense. It is everywhere and in
all places at once.
5. There is no place the light is not.
6. So as Light, each is whole, perfect, complete, and constantly
radiating this fullness. This is reality. This is nature and
7. Light has no separation from itself, yet there appears to be
separation. The appearance seems very real although it is
false. The false is the story that appears to be real. Light has
no sense of the story because the story is false.
8. The story is based on experiences proclaiming to be who the
light is. The light is not the experience. If the light is looking
to be an experience then it will feel lost amid the experience.
9. A story has a beginning, middle, and end. The story changes
with the identity. For example if the light identifies with
light then the experience can only be light. If the light indentifies
solely with the storyteller then the experience will be
heavy or light depending on how much the story is told,
believed, and repeated.
10. When the storyteller is not observed, it takes the part of the
foolish one and when this happens the storyteller is a foolish.

Give yourself a gift, and shine fully on this planet, we need you now: The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening

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