The Book of Easter

When I was in Catholic school we paid a lot of attention to  everything happening to Jesus in regards to the message and the crucified Jesus, as a former actor we love drama, and tragedy.  But we negate the resurrection itself. The resurrection from a small life to a big life.

The message of Jesus is not complicated, “Love your neighbor as yourself, and Love God”.  Simple.  So simple that we have trouble living simply.  We consume, dominate, will, can be unjust, and yet in the message is the simple message, “To Love”, that love heals everything. In fact whether this story of Jesus is real for you or not, we are still talking about love. Power comes and goes, dictators are still trying to dictate exclusion, people feel powerless, the same message that was going on 2000, 3000, 4000 years is still happening, we have wars, unjust leadership, unjust people, violence, better weapons, and yet we are scared to practice love. We are scared to experience our own resurrection, to be BIG, to embrace LIFE, and yet every Sunday we are reminded of man who did all those things.  And listened to one voice, not two.  This same story was told in Egypt, it was told with Buddha, and every mystical experience plays out to the same message.

The message for Easter is one of rebirth, experiencing the profound insight that life is love and nothing else. Is it work? Yes. But I love in the story that we are always told to keep walking and moving, trusting in the presence of love. Jesus called that presence Father, Eckhart Tolle calls it now, Rumi calls is love, call it what you will, but spring is upon us, life is made new.  IF you could resurrect yourself, what would that look like?

Sit still and imagine your life, realize that it is done, feel what it feels like for it to be here, then walk it.  Feel your greatest love, then walk.  For myself, we are walking with this small life on us, the cross, as we walk carrying the cross which is our self,  we are blinded by our ways, all we hear is other voices punishing us with our own thinking, which we fail to watch.  Jesus says, “watch yourself”.  Can you walk among the noise of your own judgment and others, til all you hear is the inner voice.  That is the resurrection, to practice love, heal the sick, and raise the dead.  Which starts with you! You are sick, dead, and need love.  Acknowledge that. Are you not tired of carrying your own will? Aren’t you tired?  Drained?  Lost? Do you not thirst? Hunger to know the presence?

This is a good time to resurrect from yourself.  The following week connect with your inner voice.  Till all you hear is that voice and nothing else.  When you can hear it, go to it, trust, live from it, it is with you, and soft. It speaks of inclusion and stands up for the unjust, violent, unjust leaders, people who take, people who judge, so love is stronger than war, love is stronger than judgement, love is stronger than anything a computer can do, love is our yearning. Are you thirsty for love? Hungry for love? Now is the time to resurrect. NOW. The message of Jesus, Buddha, Rumi is the same, INCLUSION FOR ALL. IF any group, religion, spiritual center, business, corporation is built on exclusion they are not made from love, not God’s love, the same love Jesus walked. He never preached death, killing, and stood up against the unjust. Do you have the strength to walk real love? I sense you do. Now be a love go getter and be different. LOVE ALL. Stand up and stand out in love!

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