The Devil

The Devil

By D Matthew Brown
Last night I met him,
His mouthed told of adventures, gold,
As it moved-
It tried to sell me lack, greed, limitation
Oh the tales were grand
“You don’t have enough, you aren’t worthy, you don’t deserve, blah blah.”
I listened,
When he finished
I said,
“Thank you”
He looked at me confused,
So he tried again-
I emphasize “tried”
Because all tries never work,
Again I responded, “thank you”.
He made it personal,
Bring up all my mistakes
Judgements, hurts,
And I responded, “Thank you”.
He said with a smile, “why do you thank me?”
“Because everything you mentioned
Taught me-
You mentioned lack-yes I learned from it, unworthiness, I learned to be worthy, all my mistakes, failures, I learned, so now because of you, I have finally come back home, so thank you. All the while you were helping me. Using everyone I knew, to help me wake up. You got my attention…so what next?”
The devil thought, and thought-
Then he smiled, “I never thought you’d get it kid-“
I smiled, ” you had me going for years, till you slipped up, one day after not feeling well after a fight, I passed a rosé and its scent brought me in. If I didn’t get in fight, I would have never passed the rosé. That rosé taught me that love gives off it scent to everyone with no judgement. And since that is true, then love is all there is. And you are love too, and now I know you are done with me.”
The devil smiled- and vanished-
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