A Quickie

“Breath, relax, have fun”….here it is…call it spiritual, human, religious, positive, whatever you like. Calling it anything is funny.  But for a blog we have to give it a label, right? Otherwise why show up and read it.  This weekend, BREATH, allow your breath to breath you, that is it. Be aware of your breath. Your breath is the same breath breathing me, and everyone else, now again you can get touchy with me and say it is God…but for our purposes lets not…lets just hear the breath. How many times in your day are you simply just breathing without thinking?  How many times are you just thankful for your breath?  So just hear your breath throughout the day….

RELAX…as you are aware of your breath….you will relax…

HAVE FUN AND SMILE….life isn’t so serious….life isn’t about perfection, or imperfection…life is simply breathing….the rest is opinions on HOW life SHOULD be…

your QUICKIE for today is BREATH-RELAX-HAVE FUN this weekend-

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