Birthday Message- “My Wish”

WOW is the best way to describe this morning. I have received over 200 messages of “Happy Birthday and wishing me well.”  Thank you to you who show up everyday and read this blog, and if this your first time welcome.

My Wish

By D Matthew Brown

My wish for each of you is to know your heart, more than your mind.

My wish is that we know who we are more than listening to others telling us “you can’t”.

My wish is to allow the feminine heart to use us, to allow her to have her way with our life, and to LOVE FULLY!

My wish is to look at today, as it is, one day, and if you make it till the night, that you are thankful, and that upon waking if you do, that you are thankful for another day to give love.

My wish is that you stand in your heart and listen to it. YOUR HEART.

My wish is that we stop telling, changing, fixing, controlling, judging, gossiping, and start minding our hearts.

My wish is that this message is taken around the globe and walked by each of you.

My wish is that we walk it and stop talking about it.

My wish is that we laugh and cry more with each other.

My wish is that we hug more, and show affection with out wanting it in return, that we do it because we only know love.

My wish is that we start forgiving ourselves and others and mean it.  And trust that forgiveness works.

My wish is that LOVE is talked about more than trying to figure out FEAR.

My wish is artists stop demeaning women in their music and thinking they are just here on this planet to be controlled in music, film, TV, and other mediums. Frankly that’s BS.

My wish is that those who talk about it, are waling it too.

My wish is that politicians on both sides grow up and start serving the public and not themselves.

My wish is that above all us that religions and spiritual centers find common ground and stop being divisive within and outside themselves.

My wish is that we start saying, “The heart matters”

My wish is that we help each other and stop turning our heads from pain, struggle, and hurts.

My wish is that we find our hearts before its too late.

My wish is that we can press STOP and start over at any time.

My wish is that this is not a wish anymore, that it becomes reality.

My wish is that your wishes are answered, and I know that they are, because you matter.

My wish is that we care more about our children’s worth, dreams, and that we listen to them.

My wish is that LOVE rules!

  David Matthew Brown has authored THE BOOK OF LIGHT: THE HEART OPENING

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