Love…then maybe fear

Our very nature as stated in almost every religion, spiritual center, new age book, self help book, and Quantum physics is Love.  Doesn’t matter who you read, where you go, what you are doing, as long as love  is full. Which leads me to this…the only real choice you have if love is all there is, is fear.  Simple but take that inside and sit with it.  Look at all the places in your life where you might control, be jealous, manipulate, gossip, judge, limited, limit others, are violent with others, bully, put down, criticize, etc…and you will discover your choice. Now we may not be aware of it and so when you become aware of it, then you can heal it.  Love is all you are.  That means it is natural and normal to stand in love and give fully without holding back.  That means you don’t own your neighbor, partner, friends, dogma, life, and that we are equal.

In every organized religion ever created we discover that Love is all there is and it is everywhere, so yes what we deem fear is really love turned inside out.  We live in a friendly universe which sometimes feels not so friendly.  Every time we discover fear, we discover a choice we made to leave who we naturally are to experience our selves in greater love.  One of the hardest lessons I have ever learned was the pain of experiencing a divorce, but I learned from others actions how to be a deeper cup of love and experience the strength in forgiving and letting go.  I would not have that opportunity if the players didn’t show up. We live in a friendly universe and friendly is love, love has no definitions, no expectations except that it will be met. We sometimes get carried away with commitments with other people, but love doesn’t need reassurance, it doesn’t need, want, or yearn to have another complete it.  But in order to experience that we have to go through experiencing the fear of that first, to arrive at love.  For example, we have all had what we label hurts, wounds, pain, struggle, but what if they were there to teach you how strong you are, how big you are, how amazing love really is, that love heals.  Remember the universe is friendly, for you, with you, and if you can get that within you and not make it another belief then life will shift. Love has no words, not because it is beyond, but because it is everywhere.

We search for security but don’t understand the root of it. Security actually means “self-cure”.  You have to cure the choice of fear. That is the self-cure.  Love is not a choice, it appears that way at first because we are used to fear based choices.  But as you arrive in love, you begin to see that fear is a choice, and love is natural. Love is who you are. All of us. Love is equal.  Love is so many things, but it can only be discovered by YOU! So discover it and lets change the world story of who we are. Make a difference and stand in love. In world filled with to many choices, get back and sit in love. The rest will follow and flow.

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