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Most religions have just become divisive agents on this planet, caring more about being right, rather than evolving with the consciousness and have become way to serious.  I was watching an interaction on Facebook the other day on Jesus and it was quite funny.  Everyone had an opinion and they were right and yet no one was listening.  So here is the religion I would like to start which I feel everyone would love.

The three pillars of the this religion are LAUGHTER, HUMOR, and COMPASSION.   In order to be a part of this religion you must laugh at yourself and be able to laugh and not take things so seriously.  Laughter is really quite good for you and healing; so it helps those who get caught up in proving things right or wrong.  I feel we can all come to some common ground that laughter is wonderful and there is nothing like a good laugh. And yes sometimes a good laugh leads into a good cry. Either way you will be healed in some way by your pain, struggle, or torment of the mind. If even for a little a bit.

HUMOR, I love being around people who don’t take life so seriously. I love that when you read Shakespeare, the characters of the clown or the fool are smarter than the king and queen’s and their masters.  That the character of Peter Pan is having a blast playing with Captain Hook, where Captain Hook is so darn serious about the gold, life, and getting things. Sound familiar.  There is nothing like hearing a couple of good jokes to lighten you up.

Here are couple:  I had a dream I was eating a giant marshmallow, when I woke up my pillow was missing!

“Sorry I can’t take any more appointments today” said the dentist to a patient “I already have 18 cavities to fill” Then he hung up , grabbed his golf bag and left.”
When I was I kid my parents would listen to old comedy shows before church in the car, like Abbott and Costello, Bill Cosby with Noah, etc.. and we would laugh.  To me that was real church. Laughter, humor, and compassion connect us all. Isn’t that what religion and spirituality is about. Connecting us, not being divisive and saying mine is bigger than yours (Funny, I meant religion)
Finally compassion, where has all the compassion gone for the human condition. Compassion for life, compassion for kids, compassion for people, compassion for equality, and compassion for the love in you and in others.  Who cares what others have done before you, what are you doing now to help in this evolution? Bring laughter, humor, and compassion to every situation.
And our mantra for our religion will be called: “Laughter is the best medicine”….I will leave you with my favorite Bob Newhart bit, watch this, it is about 5 minutes…..and yes stop taking yourself and others so seriously, you have a choice, so laugh, you can always start again.
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