Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!!! To all you Dad’s and Grand fathers who bring a sense of compassion, love, playfulness, wisdom, and deep affection to your kids and grand kids, I thank you and pray for you!  As a young father my self, I have learned quite a bit about myself from my daughter and everyday I feel such appreciation for all I have learned. My daughter has opened my heart, my life up, and has taught me how playfulness can help with all things.  I am and will always be a heart in process, as I continue to open up to the boundless love I have yet to see, and yet I rest in the love I am now.

From the day she was born till now, I thank God for parents.  My Dad is considered old school in a lot of ways, but he has a big heart, that gets covered up sometimes.  But he is a great provider, example, and a big example of how to waver life’s storms.  He   watched me on stage, left worked to watch me play soccer, baseball, watched me read many books, took us camping, used music on a road trip to Lake Tahoe to tell me how much he was proud of me when it was hard for him to articulate it himself with out getting overwhelmed by his heart.  He came down with me to unpack for college, then came down to help me move in after my divorce, and though it probably bothered him a lot that I was divorcing and couldn’t work it out, he found time to talk to me about moving forward.  I learned through my Dad that life starts with baseball and football talk before you can arrive at the heart.  We can talk endlessly about the Giants.  My Dad was there to pick me up during soccer, listen to me vent about all kinds of things, when I was done, he would pass the phone to my mom, with a casual, “Well here is your mom.”  He was there to listen to my success in acting, publishing my first book, he was there when I put my daughter on his chest when she was a couple of weeks old, through thick and thin, he has showed up as fierce love.

He taught me about devotion to faith, in his case being Catholic, and although he never understood why I left, I think that he likes that I have a strong faith in God, and yes he reads these blogs. The point of this is Dad’s as you know, it may seem like you don’t matter, but you do, and I love my pop. I am honored we had a soul contract on planet earth.  I am honored my daughter loves him so much, and when she see’s him tells me, “Grandpa is silly.”

I will be giving a father’s day talk at UNITY BURBANK SUNDAY JUNE 16th at 11 am, come out if you live in Los Angeles, I would love to meet you!!!  Unity Burbank Website  Hope to see you there!

Happy Father’s Day! Love you! This is my favorite picture of my daughter and I…I love her so much!! xoxo


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