Heart Talk

As we finally surrender to the breath, we surrender to the happening now.  Surrender means to yield. So we yield to the breath, no longer yielding to the monkey mind.  This is what is meant by detached mind. Yielding to the breath, as you yield to the breath, and hear it, you will be able to rest here. This is a practice.  It is quite easy to tell others to listen to the heart, but here on WRESTLING WITH YOURSELF, I bring you a simple practice.  Hear your breath. Go on, and as you hear it and rest in it, you will be able to hear the subtle whispers of the soul that is you.  Spiritual life is simply about living here, releasing all things that keep you trapped in yesterday or tomorrow.  Those trapped energies are found in the monkey mind. The breath, the body exist here, the mind is the only thing left. We are not here to control the constant movement of the monkey mind. The moment you try to control something, you are out of control.  We are here to put our attention on the Truth. The heart is the truth. HEAR-T (TRUTH).  So we yield to the breath and the breath which is considered “spiritus” will lead the way into the whispers.  The practice is to keep hearing the breath.

So many people ask how to control the mind and hear the heart.  Well some people jump on a wild horse and ride it. Why? Because we are taught to do this.  But a good cowboy observes the the horse and understands its ways.  It is your job to understand the movement of the mind, to observe it, and see how it works, then inquire into it and here you will discover that truth is found.  Most men are curious on how the car works, but not curious about how the heart works, or mind works.

When we rest in the breath, we discern, and no longer judge. Judgement is the monkey mind. The heart discerns.  So by hearing the breath, you glimpse the reality of the spirit that you are.  You are an extension of the Soul. Don’t believe me, please, discover it for yourself.  Hear your breath. It is simple, because you are simple. And simple doesn’t mean dumb, unworthy, not good enough, those are monkey mind patterns.

Hear the breath, and let it take you into the depths of your heart, then you can feel the beauty you are!

D Matthew Brown is a Heartspirational speaker, trainer, teacher, author, storyteller, and blogger. His clients learn how to live from the heart and lead.  He is the radio host of Inside Out where he has interviewed over 400 people including, Desmond Tutu, Robert Taylor, Gary Zukav, Eric Pearl, Bryon Katie, Marianne Williamson, and Stewart Pearce.  He loves his daughter and she is his great teacher.


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