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What happened to leaders who inspire Americans? And I don’t mean leaders who want your vote then turn around and do nothing because they seem to care more about themselves then the country.  When will we have a leader and leaders in our country that care about the fate of America, the fate of our kids, teens, young adults, adults, and grandparents equally without getting lobbying money under the table. When will we have Americans say enough is enough and hold their leaders to the standard they hold for themselves. Things are not right and not right in front of us….Heres is what I believe….take it or leave it…doesn’t matter…

“I believe love is possible, I believe that life connects us all, I believe that love stand ups, I believe in us, all of us, I believe in dreams that inspire, ignite, and bring us all together, I believe that joy, laughter, and inclusion are the strongest language in the world. I believe in our children, teens, and those who stand up and for Love. I believe that change is possible and I believe that peace is real and alive in each one of us. I believe that the heart is the ultimate GPS system. I believe that good things happen everyday and that there is still good in this world no matter what the media shows us. I believe if we can put a man on the moon, then taking care of Mother earth is possible. I believe that we human’s no matter our race, religion, creed, sexuality, care for each other, and together we can rise up in Love. I believe that above all us, kindness, compassion, yoga, and mindfulness are hip and cool. I believe in you and me and us! I will never give up on this dream. Keep shining, keep shining your light, it is bright!

I believe in heart centered leaders, who have compassion for this country who work hard to bring us together. I believe in leadership who work together to solve things, rather than worry about if they will be voted in office in 2 years, 4 years, I believe in the Possibilitarian party, a party that works for the betterment of America.  I believe in every American, whether they have wronged another, or not. I believe that life equals it all out.  I believe that corporations can contribute 10% of their earning to help in ending poverty.  I believe that each of us has the power to change, stop blaming, and start taking action for the greater good. I believe that we are connected by our friends, family, and strangers, and when I see you, I see me in your eyes. I believe that we all have made mistakes and all is forgivable! I believe that among the noise in the media is a group of people who are well intentioned and want the truth. I believe in the truth, not your truth, or my truth, but the truth that is beyond our minds and it is in you and me and everyone. I believe that religions our different paths to that truth. I believe in love. A love that cares and does not hurt. A love that is mighty.. I believe that sports are good but athletes are humans who have talent and that’s it.  I believe that money can be invested in school’s, teachers, great teachers from around the world, and stop investing our tax dollars in politicians, wars, banks, etc…and start investing in green energy…wake up and stop playing small! I believe that there are good people left on this planet who do good things everyday who are never seen or talked about and today we see you, thank you! I believe in that each of us is has a right to speak and stand up and change this country. I believe in all 350 million of us! That is right 350 million people wanting to come together- UNITED WE STAND. United in Love. United as One.

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