Is it Possible?

Is it possible to be free? Let us examine this from the question, and lets not jump ahead. Be with the question. Is it possible to be free? Freedom, complete freedom, freedom from the past, future, freedom from the mind, freedom from beliefs, freedom from religion, politics, judgments, freedom from our views of God, freedom from love, freedom from concepts, ideas, imaginings of freedom, so with all the nonsense we feed our story with, “Is it possible to be free?”

Most times people would like freedom from a short term aliment, condition, but I am not concerned with short term, I am asking each of us to look into complete freedom, complete release from attachment to right thinking or wrong thinking. Use our minds in a productive way right now by asking, and self reflecting, “Is it possible to be free?” If not, then look at your reasoning, if so, look at your reason and take your reasoning to the core. Follow your reasoning, discover at the core the answer.

Is it possible to be free?  As we continue to allow the question, we sense the mind of approval come up, not wanting to be wrong, and yet it may surprise you by your answer if you are authentic with yourself, “Is it possible to be free?”  Not positive or negative, which are mind contractions, and although nice to feel positive and not nice to feel negative, both are ways of the mind, yet when we by pass the contraction of the mind and rest in the breath, we discover that life is affirming. Life affirming is different energy then positive or negative contractions. In fact some people in different circles will feel negative and remember that they “should” be positive, that is superficial and not authentic living.  So can we be free from the contraction of positive and negative and rest in life affirming.

Is it possible to be free?  Sit with it and allow the question to keep revealing itself….

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