“Jesus Didn’t Use A Bible”

“Jesus Didn’t Use Bible”

I was teaching my class the other day on the heart and we were sharing our experiences in incorporating our breath work into every experience. Each of us had experienced different ways of using the breath; by using the breath, I mean hearing it.
Most of my students, including myself had read the bible and other spiritual books which are wonderful tools to give you confidence on your journey back to the heart, but sooner rather than later we all must leave it all and explore on our own, with no dependence anymore on any of it. That is where the work begins, leaving our co-dependence or dependence on these foundational books and going for it and learning it for ourselves.
Anyway a student mentioned, “Jesus didn’t have a bible, Buddha didn’t have Buddhist text”.  When you read the bible, and if you haven’t, take a look at it.  Most of the stories are how they walked it and discovered for themselves that God is love. Then others wrote about it. That is why it is called the Good news. When you discover for yourself that you are it and you have been searching for who you really are within the whole, and find it, that discovery is Good News! Each of us is a testament of this. We are writing the new books of life with discovering ourselves and knowing it.
By hearing the breath, we drop into the experience and are able to deal with it; with less stress, or story about what it means. That is empowering to me and simple. Jesus discovered this on his own, and that invitation is open to all of us.
Am I denying spiritual texts as not helpful, not at all, but I am suggesting that most people quote, talk a lot about what Jesus did, and my feeling is the invitation Jesus brought us and his disciples was going inward and discovering what he discovered. We have to go find out for ourselves about the Truth.
Jesus preached love and walked love, it is time we trust ourselves and walk the walk, yes it can be quite challenging but the opportunity to learn and grow is tremendous. Discover for yourself that you are the Good news you have been waiting for.
I have learned that lesson about trusting in God in many different ways. I have learned it in job loss, money loss, health, relationships, spiritual practice, and forgiveness, and it keeps showing itself; but I had to go through the experience in order to understand  what the masters have taught, other wise if I take their words and quote them as mine, I suffer in delusion, because I would not know what I was talking about and that helps no one.  You can not talk about something you know nothing about.
A woman approached Gandhi and asked him to get her child off sugar, he told her to come back in 30 days, and so 30 days later she came back, and he said, “Get off sugar”,she said, “How come you didn’t tell him to get off 30 days ago?” He replied, “Because I wasn’t off it either.” Lesson learned.  There is no quick fix, so breath.  Relax, and let your life open you up, or better yet, open up to life and what it brings you.  Practice what you preach, what you follow, and let that example resonate with people.
That is why this path is less traveled. It is filled with everything that makes a good book or movie and through it all, you have to know the thyself. And that no one can hold your hand, not even a book. Now people can help you, love you, and have compassion for you, but nobody can tell you the best way for you, only you can discover that. Everyday is that discovery.

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