Mystery Mastery

I was talking with a mom at the park, as we were both pushing our kids on the swing set. Interesting talk on helping people, she asked about living present, and my feeling on it, I said,

“well living presently is different from thinking living. Most people do the latter. They think that thinking is living, which is normal. For example some people worry, are anxious, trying to be positive, defending some belief, or point, making others wrong, fixing others, people even identify in their gossip, judgment, criticisms, etc…these have become normal. Yet thinking is not who we are, in fact all spiritual practices leads you here, and here is simply- quiet listening. And in listening is the surrender of everything we thought we were, want to think we are, or think we want to be, for here is the mystery and that is the mastery. I love a good mystery, yet in many people’s lives they hate it, they have to know, but most every problem people have is not accepting what is actually happening; but when you listen to their endless questions, they are scared to not know. So they lack space with allowing the process to reveal itself.  So they keep asking from a selfish place, talking, and they don’t listen to the clues in front of them.  There is a mystery we have been defining over and over, that is unfolding even as I speak these words. We are all wrapped in it, all of us. Now if you want to figure that out, go for it, if not wonderful. I have chosen to rest in the mystery. People that push religion, politics, opinions, business models, spiritual practice, are helpful, but divisive. People will find what they need for their unfoldment because the mystery is the life that is happening here and the happening has nothing to “do” or “be thought about”, and when they want to rest in the mystery and stop fighting and arguing with it, they will find me. That is my work, helping people rest here in the mystery, for that leads to mastery, and then they make heart based decisions.”   The mom smiled, and said, “you have a good soul, I like that.”

We took our kids to play on the slide. As I watched them play, I was aware of the storyteller in my head wanting identity, the deep peace in my breath as I heard the breath, and the grace of the children playing.

Yes this is a mystery, the mystery is infinite, and so enjoy the show. We all know the end, we die. Live here and find away to stop thinking that thinking is living. It’s not. We are “beings” whether you call yourself human or spiritual. We are not here to master our thoughts, change them, but simply to recognize we are not them, and that the thoughts are not our identity.

Enjoy the mystery! Every breath you breath is a page of the novel, no rush. You are there now. Reading this is part of the plot in your life….to be continued,,,:)

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