No Finish Line

In a world geared toward achievement, goals, awards, and end points, we discover in love that in our seeking of it, there is no finish line.  Sure you will have insights, or “AHHA” moments, but that is part of the unfolding process of love.  Love is an everyday process, constantly expanding itself. Love is who you really are and so this expanding is nothing new, it is always happening, but in a culture that makes quick conclusions of things, quick labels, and judgments and then puts people in boxes, it is difficult to see that you are love. The world, meaning everything that is appearing outside of you is sleeping in ignorance.  Because most people have thought it much simpler not to know themselves, hence, “ignorance is bliss”, meaning you will be much happier not knowing the truth of who you are.  Which is BS.

It is  easy to go to church or a spiritual center on Sunday and listen to the same things about Jesus or take part in the same rituals every Sunday then not live it.  It is easier to quote ACIM, the Bible, Quran, Buddhist texts, and not live it, but talk about it a lot.  Religion has become a sport, and people believe their team is the best, yet if all the religions were to understand each other at the core, they would see that they have common ground and could be a force to be reckon with. That is why love is important, that is why love matters, it brings us closer and doesn’t separate.

We have 313 million people in America, can you imagine everyone self reflecting, contemplating, resting in stillness, and learning about themselves, the changes that would happen and how quickly, would be amazing.  But we love separation, let me phrase that again,  “We love fear”, we do.  We don’t love love.  That is disappointing. Because when you quiet down long enough, you realize that all is well and okay.  And that love is simple, easy, hassle free.  Love is quick with yes or no, it stands up to control and injustice.  It is inclusive. Not exclusive.  When was the last time you included yourself in something, or took yourself for a walk, or hike, or thanked yourself, or appreciated yourself.  When was the last time you prayed to know the truth of who you are, beyond the circumstance.  The whole point of this blog is that you can stop following the fear based herd, stop reading other people testaments of Truth and start walking it.  Give yourself a break and stop changing people and stop looking for approval or proving.  Stop worrying, worrying is a prayer of darkness we put on ourselves and our loved ones.  It sends a message to them and ourselves that we don’t trust them and we don’t trust love. Worry is not love, it’s fear of loving fully.

Love has no finish line. I am sure if Jesus ever made an entrance on this planet he would be disappointed in everyone. He would probably say, “Stop following me and walk in love, that is what my message was and still is.  Stop quoting me and live it for yourselves. Please.”


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