Together or Perish together

For many years of speaking, being on social media, facilitating groups, and moving with my own life process, I find my self contemplating something that must be said and feels like it isn’t being said.  Let me start with this example, a person, lets say feels unhappy, lost, and is searching for purpose, so they find a religion, the religion gives them purpose again, inspiration, and allows them to deal with life in a more manageable place.  So in their excitement they want to share it with people, which at first seems cute, so we listen, then from sharing comes their way is right and we are wrong, and now a religion that has helped this person, now turns into their way being right and others wrong, and they seem very comfortable in pointing that out. Now this example is of course a simple way of looking at the situation we are in as a country, and world.

Let me remind us all, including myself, this country was founded on people who couldn’t take the government of England and formed their own government here in America. That process has been a process, as we as individuals, and groups move through and have moved through our divisiveness with race, creed, sexuality, religion, women’s rights, parents rights, etc…and now we find ourselves at a cross roads in our country and world.  We have a great chance to come together in religion and find common ground with all religions and become one force not a divisive force against each other.  At the very core all religions teach love, kindness, and compassion and somewhere along the line we are losing that message to being right and making others wrong.

We have 313 million people who if decided to come together and help each other out, serve each other,  can shift this planet in a DRAMATIC way and in a way where we can end us against them. Right now if we wake up, we will discover that it is not us against us. We are being pushed to fight each other, against each other, the media whether on purpose or not is allowing our collective will to be captured by nonsense.

Am I suggesting that every person is wonderful, and don’t have evil ways, no I am not, but there is more good on this planet, more good people, more good things, than a few bad apples.  Trust me.  If we don’t come together and change the way our government does business with your money, your taxes, then don’t complain, say nothing, stay shut up, this world was founded by  our for fathers who said something, who stood up, we need each of you now to come together, email change, use technology in a powerful way to change this planet.  We don’t have to cause violence to be heard. Email your congress men and women and ask how they are using your hard earned money.  Ask why they take lobbying money, you are paying them, if that doesn’t get you upset that they are using your hard earned money to do as they please, then I don’t know what will.  You are here to have say, speak up, and matter.  No one has right to take that a way from you, no one.  Can you imagine, all of us emailing our politicians, who are so concerned on how they are looked at, how quickly change would happen.  Just imagine.

If this country falls, or the world falls it will be because people shut up and did nothing.  We are here as a big family. We will rise together or fall together. But if this world collapses, it will be because the people of the world did nothing, said nothing, and were to trapped by fear to speak the truth.  Jesus spoke up, Buddha spoke up, Rumi spoke up, Martin Luther King spoke up, and they did it in a way that brought us together not separate us.

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