What Makes You An Expert?

So I was sitting down at Starbucks writing my my third book, siting outside, when a woman asked if she could sit at my table and wait for a client to arrive, I said, “Sure”.  She took a seat and put her big clip board sprinkled with notes on the table, and checked her phone three or four times as I wrote.  I continued to type, and then she took out a cigarette and began to smoke.  I took a break from writing and asked how she was, and the small talk continued and then went back to silence.

So we sat there as the cars rushed by on Beverly Blvd and I asked, “What kind of work do you do?”, she explained, “Designer for bars and such” then looked at her phone, “Sorry mate my client is late and I it is frustrating.”  And so I went back into writing and as I was writing, she asked what I did, ‘Many things but I have a book out and speak on the feminine heart.” She gasped in shock and then replied, “What makes you an expert?”  I laughed out loud or LOL.  She was not laughing, “Well what makes you an expert?”

I replied, “My life, my book, working with people, speaking with groups, listening to my breath, listening, lots of things.” A moment of thinking from her end, “That’s good mate…good to meet good men who are living it.”  I smiled, “Well we are all learning.”

She smiled, “Yep I am learning not to get upset right now. What is your book about? What is it called?”

“The Book Of Light: The Heart Opening, its about the heart and freedom…”

“Sounds lovely…alright mate…need to leave all the hipsters and call my client.”

Splice of life….


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