Wired To Love

Yes we live for the next technology. But we as individuals are wired to LOVE.  We are born to love, have courage, compassion, speak from our hearts, and unite. That is who we are, we are here to love, and no, love is not a “door mat”, love doesn’t give to get, love doesn’t need approval, or have to prove anything to anybody.  WE ARE WIRED TO LOVE.  There are groups and societies geared to training people how to not be loving. The reason for this is that we are wired to love, to care, to have compassion, we are not wired to take another life, kill, hate, but yet we are conditioned to do that, why? Well we have created a story of fear and its everywhere.  Fear your body, fear your mind, fear your heart, fear others, fear your house, fear your family, fear the other country, fear sexuality, fear fear fear.  The media loves it, turn on CNN and they will show you the worst things going on in the world and you know what, we tune in. Shameful, disappointing.

We teach our kids to respect their parents, then their parents disrespect others in front of their kids. We teach how to share in school and play fair, then the adults show kids how to not be fair, how to kill, hold resentment, hate, separate, and gossip about one another.  We go to religions and talk about LOVE, PEACE, AND UNITY, and go outside and spit on someone’s sexual preference, condemn the homeless, destroy each other in politics, and yet we seem to very comfortable with it.  In fact we love to hate, we love to fear, and yet we are wired to love.  Can’t we love to love? Can’t we give to give? Can’t we come together and fight for LOVE, fight against those who are preaching, teaching hate to our youth. Can’t we just come home to love. Is that hard to love someone?

Not love as a door mat, something to walk on, but real authentic empowered love. EMPOWERED FROM THE HEART love.  Where living in your heart is normal, being transparent in politics, business, school,banking, media, is the golden rule.  That we hold everything to love, everything. And those who treat others with complete disregard are stood up too. Love is not a coward to those who are violent, oppressing others, and controlling.  It is disappointing that we don’t hold our leaders to highest regard, we need too. A politician serves the country, so why do we have lobbyists? Why do we have leaders who give themselves pay raises for not doing their jobs and then tell the country to work hard, why?  When did going to church,  and spiritual centers become a show? We have ministers, Reverends who are bigger then their spiritual homes or churches and no one cares?  We have leaders who don’t walk their walk, teachers who don’t teach what they preach, and yet we are wired to love. WHY ISN’T LOVE GETTING ANGRY AND STANDING UP NOW? Where is the lovers of love? Love is not a cowardly lion….We teach kids in our school to stand up to bullies and us as adults need to do the same in business, banking, schools, politics,  media, religions, etc…We need to stand up to the bullies and say enough is enough. LOVE IS ALL AND ALL IS LOVE…You in? We are all responsible for this planet and now is the time to speak up….

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