Day 15: Moksha, Half Way Home

Wait for it! Day 15 of 30 straight days of hot yoga at Moksha LA, Wow very fast indeed. Half way home. Today I laid on my mat and had a tough time concentrating, so I figured the rest of my practice would be that way.  So I laid there with my eyes closed and watched the mind, wanting to pull my focus away, from where I was, and frankly it was winning.  So the mind talked and I began to follow what I have been writing here, on just following the breath and as I did that; some where along the line, the mind was gone and I was firmly on my mat and in my practice.

When we began I had strange image pass by, the image of the turtle and the rabbit. Where the rabbit sprints out and at the end of the race the turtle beats the rabbit. That is what I feel like this journey has taught me, be patient, breath through, enjoy the poses or don’t enjoy them, either way you have to be with them as they are, and finally give yourself a break if you need it.  I heard recently of some 40 year old’s passing away of heart attacks, I bring this up, not to be morbid, but sometimes in my poses my face is so serious, like the pose is life and death, today I had that moment, where I caught myself and smiled.  Sometimes life is short and sometimes its not, but however long it is for me, I would like to enjoy where I am. Whether working, writing, school, life, just be with where I am at.

This week I have felt very strong in my practice and the breath has really helped me dive deeper into the body and release the mind chatter.  My goal was 30 days of hot yoga and wow as I said before, 15 days moves quickly.  Well here is to the next 15 days, and I really appreciate all the support and feedback.  I hope this is helping you too. Today a woman next to me was fanning herself because she was hot, I asked if she wanted my water, and she smiled and said, “I have some thank you, thank you for being so kind.” We are a community of 7 billion people, and it is time we come together for the planet, for life, and help each other. Love is a giving energy, yoga gives us the opportunity to show up, be present, and expand to a bigger place, and it does it, like all things in nature, in its own time.

God bless you…Below is a picture of me after day 15….

         Looking better 🙂


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